Our software and telecom framework can connect most types of connected objects or devices. "CommonSense" is a modular, open, multi-level, global architecture, providing all necessary components for your M2M applications: telemaintenance, telemetry, remote asset monitoring...

"CommonSense" by Vertical M2M, our M2M Application Factory

Vertical M2M's service offer rely on our technology platform "CommonSense", which is hosted and operated by our team.

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Cloud-based Applications

In order to fulfill customers' expectations on usage and time-to-market for M2M Applications, we chose to deliver our solutions through a SaaS-based model and a cloud computing infrastructure.

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Our ecosystem

VERTICAL M2M aims at simplifying M2M projects by setting-up strategic and technology relationships with other companies such as Telecom Operators, System integrators or M2M hardware manufacturers, in order to bring relevant turnkey solutions to the Energy, Healthcare and Environment markets.

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