January, 2017

LoRa Alliance

Vertical M2M exhibits at the 7th LoRa Alliance meeting with MultiTech
January 25th 2017, London, UK.

Multitech MastersSince 2015, Vertical M2M is a pionner in LPWA network including LoRa. From our beginning with MultiTech at the ETSI oneM2M demo workshop in Sophia Antipolis in december 2015 to our labelling as a MultiTech MASTER partner, we multiply today LoRa projects in France and abroad.

Another milestone is set on january 25th in London as we exhibit with MultiTech to desmonstrate IoT LoRa applications powered by our CommonSense IoT platform.

We enable IoT applications through our CommonSense IoT platform

In view of the multiplication of heterogeneous devices and equipment (even with LoRa each manufacturer determines its own payload, LoRaWAN is not plug and play), service providers face a problem: how to manage heterogeneous connected equipment in a unified manner ? Vertical M2M brings an answer with its CommonSense IoT platform enabling to manage heterogeneous networks of objects. The platform perform deep device management including technical alarms, comands, battery levels etc.. It presents innovative features such as mass provissionning through scripting enabling anyone to integrate a LoRa equipment easily in a few minutes.

Try LoRaWAN with the VM2M LoRa Starter kit

Unlike other starter kits, the Vertical M2M one includes all links of the IoT chain in order to fully grasp the technology:

  • End point (Multi-connect board + Arduino shield + Multisensors) & support for device integration
  • Support for gateways deployment including a MultiTech Multi-connect Conduit
  • CommonSense IoT platform for device managemnet
  • IoT application development module (Web environment for codeless application design)

Testez LoRa avec le Start kit LoRa VM2M

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