Optimize your city activities: lighting, transport, waste, parking, metering and more

Optimize the value and quality of your city services and infrastructures

Increasing population, traffic, aging infrastructures bring the need for municipalities and city services operators to better manage resources by monitoring and planning activities. With heterogeneous assets and different needs in terms of required bandwidth, sampling period or even usages (firmware updates, control system...), only an interoperable IoT approach can bring value to operators.

Solutions for smart city

With native multi-protocol & multi-manufacturer support as well as deployment models, booth Saas and On-Premises, CommonSense IoT Platform is a highly versatile solution enabling to address any Smart City use cases. For instance with LPWA protocols, sensors can last up to 10 years on battery without human intervention.

Smart City Lighting

Smart lighting IoT solution

Improve safety, energy efficiency and maintenance costs of lighting poles fleet. Monitor, automate and manage lights poles completely including even demering (light intensity). With LoRaWAN multicast, enabling to create virtual groups, for city areas for instance, light poles can be managed in groups regardless of which electrical network they are connected to. With the pre-integrated CommonSense-ready devices, selected new smart lighting system or make legacy infrastructures connected.

Equipment monitoring

Monitoring and automation for better maintenance and energy efficiency

LoRa Multicast C Class

With LoRaWAN, muti-cast support enables to manage light poles as virtual groups that are independent from electrical wiring easing operations.

City environment

Environmental monitoring with IoT

Cities are characterised by intense activity ranging from traffic, factories, energy plants, waste collection generating a variety of externalities with high environmental impact, including CO2, or noise. CommonSense IoT Platform brings the tools to build non intrusive and easy to migrate network of sensors.

Smart Waste

Waste management powered by IoT

Reduce operating costs with real time monitoring and route planning. Connect city bins owing to any heterogeneous IoT devices to CommonSense IoT Platform and to the city existing applications and information system including billing with our RESTful APIs.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking with IoT

Traffic makes cities congested, generating air pollution, noise reducing the quality of life for residents. To prevent this, CommonSense IoT Platform enables to monitor in real time non intrusive and easy to move networks of sensors. Therefore, citizens can quickly find available parking lots, freeing the streets and improving air and life quality.


APIs to connect to existing route planning applications and city information systems

IoT metering

Water, electricty and gas metering and sub-metering IoT solution for energy efficiency.

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