IoT brings efficiency to energy infrastructures and utilities

From Automated Meter Reading to Advanced Meter Infrastructure through multi-protocols

With high costs related to energy infrastructures both in CAPEX and OPEX, utilities need to renew their offer in order to cut operating costs, reduce leaks or fraud, increase safety or stay compliant with regulation. To those goals, the Internet of Things (IoT) bring solutions with metering, sub-metering and beyond Smart Grids for neighboorhood or city wide integrated energy management.

Solutions for utilities

Our white label CommonSense IoT Platform brings a variety of solutions relying on non intrusive easy to migrate smart IoT devices either in SaaS or On-Premises models. Since interoperability is a key mission of CommonSense IoT Platform, you can monitor old and new equipment networks, BUS or LPWAN for instance, simultaneously and in an integrated manner, while integrating any IoT equipment on the market or using the catalog CommonSense-ready devices. Learn more about connectivity with CommonSense IoT Platform.

Smart Metering

Smart Water

Les services publics, les municipalités, les opérateurs de bâtiments ou les sociétés de services énergétiques peuvent proposer des solutions intelligentes IoT pour l'eau afin de mieux gérer leurs réseaux grâce aux fonctions métiersà des fonctionnalités commerciales intégrées répondant aux besoins industriels sur le terrain.

Automated Meter Reading

Automated meter reading

Water lekage detetion

Leakage detection

Virtual device

Virtual meters to cut costs on deployments

Pressure and flow monitoring

Flow and pressure monitoring

Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection

Valve remote control

Remote valve control

Data cleaning

Data extrapolation and cleaning

Smart Metering

Smart Heat metering

Monitor both residential and city heat networks to improve maintenance and allocate properly energy consumption by feeding billing systems with accurate and real time data. Deploy new smart devices or make legacy heat meters connected with transceivers

Automated Meter Reading

Automated meter reading

Incident management

Incident management with alerting

Smart Metering

Smart Electricity metering

Deliver electricity equipment monitoring and control IoT solutions in residential, tertiary buildings or industrial sites thanks to CommonSense IoT Platform multi-protocol support fitting any building configuration.

Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Incident management

Network incident management

Switch control command

Equipment switch

Smart Metering

Smart Gas metering

Improve the maintenance of gas infrastructures by monitoring a varierty of parameters and increase uptime.

Automated Meter Reading

Automated meter reading

Incident management

Incident management with pressure, dry contacts and temperature sensors

Business cases


Building energy management

Similar business case: SPIE

Gaz de Bordeaux

Renewable energy production site management

Similar business case: Integra

Cuma Saint-Emilion

Multistakeholders management of waste water tanks

ArtVision communication

Urban digital display management

Water treatment plant operator

Monitoring of processes in a water treatment plant

FEDA (Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra)

SmartHome solution

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