Our journey with LoRa...


November 2015: the starting point

On November 2015, we integrated for the first time the LoRaWAN protocol and performed a demo at the European Telecomunication Standard Institute with MultiTech and Sierra Wireless. That was the starting point.

LoRa Alliance member

May 2019: we joined the LoRa Alliance!

Vertical M2M becomes a LoRa Alliance member and participates in the All Members Meeting in Berlin on June 13th.

In between, many projects have been deployed including…

Street lighting IoT management with Menowat GE

logo Menowatt logo Menowatt
Multicast C class

Dozens of Italian municipalities have adopted Menowatt GE street lighting systems representing the deployment of more than 300 000 lighting points deployed. To keep innovating and satisfying its customers, Menowatt was looking for a more effective and modern remote management system to update its product range with high flexibility and integration capabilitis, lower technical constraints, as well as lower costs.
Their new product release Meridio LoRaWAN Multicast C class powered by CommonSense IoT Platform is a game changer. Indeed, the Multitcast groups enable to create dynamic virtual groups enabling to control lights with high flexibility independently of the electrical wiring constraints.

Web appplication designed with the RESTful APIs

Menowatt street lighting

Menowatt Meridio light pole

Menowatt street lighting
Robert Marcucci - Menowatt Ge

Roberto Marcucci, CEO, Menowatt

"All the functions offered by CommonSense answer perfectly the needs of the customers who are looking to:
-Manage the energetic consuption of the lighting system
-Test the funcionality of the Meridio network, allowing quick ordinary and preventive maintenance
-Interface with every light point for maintenance and setting of the operational functions."

Escalator and moving walkways IoT management with ANEP


As a leader in the people flow tele-alarm business, ANEP was looking for bringing a more efficient and modern remote management solution that can be interfaced with its information systems. Thanks to its long-range capability, wide range of LoRaWAN supported architectures and available RESTful APIs, ANEP has adopted LoRaWAN with CommonSense IoT Platform for its smart equipment solution.

CommonSense IoT Platform for ANEP E-BOX Management

Escalators IoT management


Laila Guareb, E-BOX, ANEP

Laïla Guareb, Technical lead, E-BOX, Anep

"In addition to manage IoT communications aspects, CommonSense has been a great asset in this project for its easy integration with business needs, using APIs quickly integrated with our own tools. Owing to the device management portal, the ability the manage devices and visualize alerts in a simplified manner greatly ease us the management of the fleets."

Along the way, CommonSense IoT Platform has become a reference IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP)...

CommonSense IoT Platform: use cases inside

Thanks to the CommonSense-ready devices, the use cases you want to implement are already available for deployment with CommonSense IoT Platform. These already integrated devices enable out of the box IoT services. The real time data processing engine with built-in business functions for several use cases enhances the CommonSense-ready devices. Contact us to know more about business functions.
Here are our top use cases:

A unique platform supporting all LoRaWAN architectures

With CommonSense, manage simultaneously any Lora devices through multiple architectures, they are all supported.

Unique gateway

Unique private
Deploy your own 100% private network with the unique gateway telecom network.

Kerlink MultiTech Systems Option Tektelic WifX

Private CLOUD network

CLOUD Private
CommonSense IoT Platform supports 8 LoRa Network Servers (LNS) enabling our partners and clients to deliver projects with high flexibility depending on the end client's choice.

Acklio Actility Everynet Digimondode firefly Orbiwise Loriot A2A Patavina Sagemcom TTN The Things Industries

Public Operated network

Public networks are also supported with network coverage in…

France with

Orange LoRa Objenious LoRa

Italy with


And more…

4è rencontre TTN

We are LoRaWAN evangelists!

The Things Network Paris

In the process of building LoRaWAN solutions, we participated in the evangelization process by leading the Things Network Paris Community. We organized several meets up in the following topics:

LoRa protocol

LoRAWAN core technology



Smart Building

Smart Building

Various partners have participated in those including Semtech, MultiTech, urban Practices, The Things Network Amsterdam and Grenoble! Discover on our YouTube channel, the summaries of these events.

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