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Examples of projects powered by CommonSense IoT platform and Sigfox

Industrial applications with UCB Biopharma and Adeunis

logo UCB Pharma Logo Adeunis

UCB has implemeted CommonSense's tank level monitoring IoT solution featuring Adeunis' dry contacts to reduce the risk related to liquid effluent in its quality control laboratories.

Web application designed with the APIs

UCB Application tank level IoT

Adeunis' dry contact

UCB Application tank level IoT

Benoît Mathieu, Principal Scientist, UCB Biopharma

""VerticalM2M has been a very professional partner for the development of our first IoT application. They nicely integrated detectors into an efficient custom web application dedicated to real time monitoring of liquid tanks level. Their IoT platform is a very complete toolbox allowing really complex integration and configuration of detectors, rules, alarms, statistics and much more to deliver “à la carte” IoT functionalities with great support.""

Electrical equipment monitoring with VT IoT and the main Irsh Utility Electrical Supply Board

logo VT networks logo VT networks

VT IoT has chosen CommonSense IoT platform to deploy all its IoT solutions and the ones of their partners. The Electrical monitoring projet with ESB is an example.

Will Ferguson - VT IoT

Will Ferguson, COO, VT Networks

"We made the commercial decision to use Vertical M2M as VT’s platform for all VT Solution devices going forward. We are very excited about this offering for our customers and we think it should be strongly considered by all the SO’s."

Street lighting IoT management with Menowat GE

logo Menowatt

Dozens of Italian municipalities have adopted Menowatt GE street lighting systems representing the deployment of more than 300 000 lighting points deployed. The Sigfox version with CommonSense IoT platrform is a game changer.

Web application designed with the APIs

Menowatt street lighting

Menowatt Meridio equipment

Menowatt street lighting
Robert Marcucci - Menowatt Ge

Robertto Marcucci, CEO, Menowatt GE

"All the functions offered by CommonSense answer perfectly the needs of the customers who are looking to: -Manage the energetic consuption of the lighting system -Test the funcionality of the Meridio network, allowing quick ordinary and preventive maintenance -Interface with every light point for maintenance and setting of the operational functions."

Connected Automated External Defibrilator (AED) with Citycare

logo Citycare
Citycare AED

Citycare has chosen CommonSense IoT Platform to manage all its fleet of connected AEDs. CommonSense connect to Citycare's information system making the monitoring of the AEDs available through a mobile application.

logo Citycare

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CommonSense IoT platform logo
CommonSense IoT platform logo

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