Connected AED defibrillator

Equip your buildings and public spaces with Citycare's Sigfox connected AEDs to provide you with a close to 100% operating time owing to Citycare's responsability transfer and maintenance service. In addition, you are always informed of the status of your defibrillators through the Citycare mobile application. Save lives and be compliant with regulations.

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Permanent worldwide Sigfox connectivty and battery powered

Certification IIb

Medical Product class IIB certification

Play solution

Plug & Play solution .
To be installed on the walls only.

About the partner

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Citycare is a french leader in AED equipment and is present in the whole french territory. It is an innovative company integrating the best technologies currently available in the AED market. Owing to this new Sigfox solution now available on the market, Citycare makes available a 100% mobile and autonomous AED. With this system, the AED uptime is ensured which meets your current or coming regulations as well as peoples' needs in offices, public services buildings or stores. Citycare provides a complete procedure ensuring the control and maintenance of the AEDs and therefore a transfer of responsability towards Citycare.

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Key issues of the field

Each year around 50 000 persons are victim of ventricular fibrilation in France. The deployment of AEDs in public areas has been an ongoing process for several years now. However, a key issue remains: many AEDs stay out of order because of a lack of control and maintenance means. A French law released on 29/06/2018 makes mandatory the deployment of AEDs in public spaces. Such laws are expected in various countries. Building managers are obliged to ensure that their fleet of AEDs are working properly as well as its accessories.

Provided solution

Facing those stakes, Citycare has partnered with Vertical M2M to develop the connected part of its AED. For this project we have used the Sigfox modules of our partner Adeunis.

The CommonSense IoT platform manages the AEDs as well as the telecom aspects with the support of Sigfox and therefore enabling managers to provision, activate, manage and supervise AEDs like the alerts, accounts or status information (working/unavailable). This data is sent to Citycare through the standard CommonSense APIs. In case of failure, Citycare's technical teams are alerted in real time and can take action immediately for their clients.

The AED is operational starting its installation and don't require any special operation. The solution is completely transparent for the AED end user. This solution delivers an optimal running rate. The Citycare mobile application enables to monitor the status of AEDs in real time.

Diagram of the end to end solution

Key elements of the solution

  • AED with a medical product class IIB certification incorporating a Sigfox radio transmitter.

  • Defibrillator that provides real-time supervision for both fixed AEDs and nomadic AEDs

Key benefits of the solution

With the Citycare solution, the management of the AEDs is completelly transparent for the client and ensures an almost total operating time. Citycare's connected AED is not a "plug and play" solution but only a "play" one!

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