Street lighting remote management system

Equip cities with an efficient and innovative street lighting system, developped by Menowatt, a recognized expert with hundreds of thousands of light points deployed in Italy. The Meridio LoRa multitcast C class with CommonSense IoT platform solution solves the issues of existing solutions. Discover how.

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LoRaWAN multicast C class

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Save up to 60% of energy spending

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About the partner

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Menowatt is an Italian company active in the field of the green economy with products designed for energy effciency. More than 400 italian cities have choosen Menowatt solutions to improve their public lighting systems accounting for more than 300 000 lighting points.

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Key issues of the field

Most modern lighting management systems are not optimal as they present latency problems in the downlink communication for control and a too long sampling period in uplink for monitoring.

Legacy lighting management systems, for instance Power-line communication, hold several defaults:

Provided solution

Menowatt has designed Meridio LoRa multicast C class, an end-to-end LEd lighting management system, flexible and evolutive for remote monitoring and control bringing an answer to existing solutions' issues. The solution is composed of hardware, the lamp post, and software, the dedicated street lighting web application based on the open CommonSense IoT platform enabling the evolution towards other Smart City solutions. A LoRa network infrastructures is required to deploy the solution.

Street lighting remote management system

Diagram of the end to end solution

Key elements of the solution

  • Real time remote monitoring and control (Multicast C class, connected to main power source). Complete remote configuration (LED demering, operating cycles, sampling period)

  • Multicast virtual groups configuration: creation of virtual dynamic groups enabling to control each light point individually or by group independently of the electrical wiring constraint.

  • Protection against Over-Voltage

  • Adjustable tilt mechanism

Key benefits of the solution

The Menowatt Meridio system greatly improves all existing lighting systems regarding energy effciency, maintenance and management of street lighting fleet for operators.

    Up to 60% of savings on the management of street lighting fleet
    More efficient fleet management thanks to the flexibility and dynamism of multicast virtualization for surveillance and control of any light or group of lights Secured
    LoRa end to end encryption Great penetration of buildings and interference resitance
    Evolutive system towards Smart City solutions

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