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From now on integrators benefit from a flexible, evolutive and fast to implement IoT solution dedicated to monitoring and managing remotely various types of tanks and their content: agricultural wastewater treatment, storage of chemical products, oil tanks, recycling of engine oil...


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Since 2008, Vertical M2M has been developping business solutions relying on its CommonSense IoT platform and field experts. The CommonSense IoT solutions unveil them.

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Key issues of the field

On each market where tanks, silos of solid or liquid content can be found, site management teams has to monitor their level in order to act either to empty (waste) or refill them (oil). It is also necessary to have an alerting system to inform about the overflow of each tanks.

Agriculture / Viticulture Energy Environment Health
Example of equipment to be considered Effluent tanks / Silos Meters / Oil and lubricant tanks Water tanks / Gaz tanks / liquid tanks Liquid oxygen tanks
Exemples d'applications possibles Tanks discharge / Monitoring of key indicators: levels, pressure, temperature, humidity... Tank filling and metering Conditions of the stored materials and monitoring of key indicators Patient monitoring and filling of oxygen tanks
Examples of benefits Productivity, supervision, lower operating costs... Lower operating costs, quality of service Real time monitoring Lower operating costs, quality of service

The stored contents being heterogeneous, the means and technilogies used to measure the levels must be adapted: piezolectric, ultra-sonic... Each material has a prefered technology. In addition, tanks are deployed in various environments, each with their constraints and related telecom technologies to cope with those constraints. Existing solutions generally run with a unique telecom protocols and a single type of sensor which makes them unflexbile and non evolutive Les solutions existantes fonctionnent souvent avec une seule technologie télécom et un seul type de capteur et ne sont donc pas flexibles et évolutives in constract to the CommonSense tank level monitoring IoT solution.

Provided solution

The CommonSense tank level monitoring solution is an end-to-end flexible and evolutive solution relying on a catalog of pre-integrated CommonSense-ready devices using various measurement technologies and protocols to fit the different materiels to store and the different environment where the tanks will be deployed.

For data vizualisation, different options are available: dedicated turnkey custom applications, RESTful APIs to connect any external systems of design your own application as well as our custom dashboard enabling to build your own application without coding. CommonSense IoT platform manage the service logics like the alarm and provisioning and much more. This set brings true flexibility and interoperability.

Diagram of the end to end solution

Key elements of the solution

CommonSense-ready devices

The various CommonSense-ready devices enables to fit any content but also environment thanks to the support of multiple protocols: Sigfox, LoRaWAN (multi-architectures), cellular...

Dedicated web applications

The modularity of the solution extends up to the web application with several possibilities to fit at best the expressed needs.

Key benefits of the solution

The CommonSense tank level monitoring IoT solution enables integrators to quickly deliver a suitable and effective tank level monitoring solution. The site managers and end clients can optimize the maintenance and control of their tanks with this real time supervision tool.

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