ANEP unveils E-BOX, a unique LoRaWAN solution powered by CommonSense IoT platform dedicated to remote surveillance and control of escalators and movings walkways.

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ANEP unveils E-BOX, a unique LoRaWAN solution powered by CommonSense IoT platform dedicated to remote surveillance and control of escalators and movings walkways.

Site managers now benefit from a cost effective solution powered by the Internet of Things, LoRaWAN and the CommonSense IoT platform to remotely monitor and control fleets of escalators and moving walkways in a Smart Building logic.

PARIS - July 2nd 2018 - Since june 2018, ANEP offers E-BOX, the end-to-end IoT solution based on LoRa to manage escalators in multiples sites. Facing the announced shutdown of PSTN telephone lines, ANEP adapted to the new environment and proposes a performant and cost effective alternative solution. The E-BOX solution is simple to deploy as it does not require the deployment of a landline, it is also cost effective both regarding the electrical consumption and the infrastructure, owing to the use of the LoRaWAN protocol.

Most escalators or moving walkways do not have any surveillance system which does not allow reactive maintenance and therefore prevent optimal people flow, well being and generation of revenues for organizations using such assets. E-BOX meets this issue with its ability to completely monitor and control these system including the technical maintenance visits with a dedicated feaure.

CommonSense IoT platform from our partner Vertical M2M brings the CLOUD device management and tracability tools enabling to unify the management of E-BOX fleets on our ANEPAnywhere portal, centralizing all ANEP services, or on any system thanks to the CommonSense REST APIs.

« The LoRa E-BOX is a new surveillance product generation, overriding the subscription and installation costs of phone landlines that often are not justified given the low data rate needed. Our solution based on the LoRa technology foster the share of LoRa private network connectivity. Data is first transmitted to CommonSense IoT platform that send it to our ANEPAnywhere surveillance portal. In addition, to managin the IoT end-to-end connectivity, CommonSense has been an asset with its ability to fit with our business needs thanks to APIs quickly connected to our tools. Owing to CommonSense portal, the ability to manage devices and visualize alerts in a simplified way have considerably helped us upstream to administrate the fleets.»
Laïla Guareb, technical leader, ANEP

The E-BOX solution reduces the escalators' Total Cost of Ownership, it is simple to deploy and is compliant with european norms on machine management.
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About ANEP

ANEP is a French SME founded in 1979, specialized since its foundation in bidirectional communication: remote alarm and surveillance. We are active in several sectors with a clear focus in elevators, on which ANEP is the leader in France and Benelux, and one of the leaders in Europe. 3 out of 4 of the main elevators groups trust us in Europe as well as most of the SMEs in France and many abroad. Our ANEP BOX range of produts - remote alarm and surveillance as well as speech synthesis is compliant with the main transmission modes: PTSN, 2G, 3G, 4G, VoIP. ANEP also works to democratize the Internet of Things (IoT) to elevators, moving walkways and garage doors. Since 2015, ANEP is also specialized in accessibility (button boxes and elavator diplays).
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10 July, 2018

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