Discover in detail the latest CommonSense-ready devices

Here is the may 2019 update of the CommonSense-ready devices!

Discover in detail the latest CommonSense-ready devices

CommonSense-ready devices are devices that are already supported by CommonSense IoT Platform. At the begining of may 2019, they are more than 200. With this amount of devices, the use cases you look for are immediately available with CommonSense. The platform unifies the management of heterogeneous multi-protocols & manufacturer devices in order to allow our partners and clients to build their bespoke end-to-end IoT Solutions.

CommonSense has built-in telecom layers enabling to support multiple protocols and architectures including all LoRaWAN architectures. With CommonSense, you have the toold to build your IoT solutions aligning your IT and equipment divisions issues with your organization vision towards innovation.

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The innovative use case

Ineo Sense ACS Padlock

Ineo Sense LoRa

The ACS Padlock device is an electronic locker wich benefit from The ACS Padlock device is an electronic seal that benefits from a technological set of radio communication and offers a security and traceability solution for the transport of goods in the broad sense: containers, equipment and goods cabinet, truck doors.... The ACS-Padlock performs the triple function: securing by locking, identification and location, as well as traceability of events (opening, positioning, movement ...)

Technical highlights:

  • Fully integrated triple function device: locking, localization & authentication
  • LoRa, NFC compatible
  • On-the-fly zone detection (reactivity <3sec)
  • Accessible in real time (two-way communication)
  • Local or remote lock with notifications and alarms
  • CommonSense-ready device associable to any other device
  • CommonSense functions associated: tracking, geofencing, alerts, automation


  • Bin monitoring, cargo boxes or trucks
  • Baggage monitoring at airports
  • Container monitoring in ports


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The Sigfox network with deep indoor

Adeunis Répéteur Sigfox

Adeunis Sigfox

Access to the Sigfox network in deep indoor can sometimes be complicated. The Adeunis Sigfox Repeater network tool provides an answer by saving a device a few tens of meters to reach the Sigfox network coverage. According to Adeunis' tests: 95% of frames are well received with Repeaters against 24% without in low signal environments.

Technical highlights:

  • Can be associated with any Sigfox device
  • No Sigfox network subscription required
  • Define a device list to be repeated
  • Removable battery
  • Fixing system DIN rail, tube and wall mounting


  • All applications


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For a very precise water metering

Yzatec Smart meters

Yzatec Integra meters Sigfox

Yzatec offers a wide range of reliable and accurate meters for agriculture and drinking water systems. Remote monitoring is ubiquitous thanks to the global Sigfox network facilitates deployments. Yzatec's innovation is its piezoelectric ultrasonic counting capable of detecting very small water flows.

Technical highlights:

  • Global Sigfox network & advanced integration with CommonSense IoT Platform
  • Ultrasonic piezoelectric counting to detect very small water flows, for example micro-leaks (around 3 L / hour)
  • Rugged uni block design
  • Small dimensions
  • Aluminum housing
  • CommonSense-ready device that can be associated with any other CS-ready device.
  • CommonSense features associated: alerts, automation
  • Related devices: ○ Strega technologies - electro valve


  • Monitoring of irrigation activities
  • Invoicing of water for use
  • Pro-active management of water infrastructures
  • Compliance with irrigation regulations


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Smart irrigation at your reach

Strega Technologies Electro valves

Strega technologies LoRa

The STREGA Connected Valve is a battery powered all-in-one industrial grade wireless valve. Its strong network penetration and its very long distance communication makes it particularly relevant for its field.

Technical highlights:

    Two optional digital inputs Valve all in one extreme distance with embedded clock Autonomy up to 10 years Strong signal penetration (obstacles, inside buildings)
  • CommonSense-ready device + fully managed: valve, internal clock, wake up frequency, schedulers, adaptive data rate ...
  • Related functions alerts, automation Example of associable equipment:- Soil Moisture Sensor


  • Management of the city water network
  • Irrigation for agriculture, golf courses, green areas in the city.
  • Cold reason management


Le nouvel entrant

Solidus Tech

Solidus tech Sigfox

The Czech manufacturer Solidus Tech is entering the CommonSense-ready devices list. To start, a sensor with impulse reading head for water meters, a temperature and humidity sensor as well as an accelerometer land on CommonSense IoT Platform.


May 17, 2019

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