Vertical M2M exhibits at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 tradeshow, October 29th - 31rd 2019

Vertical M2M exhibits at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 tradeshow, October 29th - 31rd 2019

This first half of the year was punctuated with good news at Vertical M2M, our fundraising has confirmed our growth in recent years; on the technologies and ecosystem side, we have joined the LoRa Alliance this summer and the Sigfox projects are growing in the area of water metering and health.

Vertical will exhibit at the next IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona at booth A141H of its partner Systematic Paris Region. For this edition, Vertical M2M will collaborate with various partners around the Sigfox and LoRa ecosystems.

Rediscover our activities on these protocols via our dedicated campaigns : LoRa | Sigfox.

On the menu of this edition: the presentation of many new CommonSense IoT Platform features and the following demos from our client cases.

CommonSense IoT Platform improves even further:

Device management with more than 200 CommonSense-ready devices. Visit the CommonSense ready-devices web page.

CS-ready devices
CS mobile

CommonSense mobile (in beta test). The IoT installation phase is tricky and neat tracking is a prerequisite for the success of an IoT project. CommonSense mobile is an android mobile application for supporting and synchronizing field teams installing devices & technical support teams through geolocated activation and traceability features.

New IoT App Studio powered by ReactJS. Delight your users by creating beautiful and functional IoT application with our state of the art codeless application generator. Come to discover it.

CS IoT App Studio

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Sigfox demos

Water metering

Yzatec smart meterDiscover our Smart Water Sigfox solution through our BRL exploitation success story with Yzatec / Integra Metering equipment. Yzatec Integra meteringWith thousands of equipment connected in the field of water, CommonSense IoT Platform convinced the actors through its dedicated functions: remote reading, leak detection, virtual counters to reduce costs, management of counter replacements, cathodic protection... Those powerful business features have been developped on the real-time data processing engine backed by the LUA standard language. On this engine, a library of LUA functions built for CommonSense IoT Platform by our team brings you the tools to build your scenarios.

Maurice Zembra

Meet Maurice Zembra,
on Sigfox Spain booth B215 ,
on October 3rd at 3:20pm.

For a short conference about Smart Water Sigfox IoT solutions:

  • How the smartwater market has IoT needs?
  • Why LPWA techs like Sigfox are interesting for smartwater?
  • Example of implementation with a customer case and feedback
Sigfox Spain

Tank level monitoring

UCB BioPharma AppUCB tanksDiscover CommonSense at UCB BioPharma's R & D Safety Operations Department. The IoT dry contact devices of our partner Adeunis are implemented in this support. Finally, CommonSense APIs have enabled the development of a dedicated ergonomic application for UCB employees.

Discover With Sigfox LPWA

LoRaWAN demos

Remote Valve Control for Agriculture and Building Applications

Strega technologies electro valve loraThe CommonSense Valve Remote Control Application offers building and green space operators such as golf courses and farmers a range of tools from simple control to automation of LoRaWAN Strega Technologies's smart valves. Any solenoid pulse valves can also be turned into connected valves.

With excellent in-building penetration and battery life of almost 10 years, this valve will meet operational requirements in the given deployment environments.

Management of escalators and treadmills

EscalatorEboxANEP, the French leader in remote alarms, has developed a new LoRaWAN product for the remote management of escalators and treadmills using CommonSense IoT Platform. Owing to this solution, building operators manage and maintain their multi-sites fleet of equipment with great speed improving SLA and increasing customer loyalty. Comme to discover the demo

Discover With LoRa LPWA

Septembre 11th, 2019

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