Vertical M2M joins the LoRa Alliance

Since 2015, Vertical M2M has been deeply involved in LoRaWAN. Today, with CommonSense IoT Platform, solution providers and device manufacturers can deploy any LoRaWAN architecture through the world on SaaS or On-Premises. Being a highly involved company, we join this Alliance.

Vertical M2M joins the LoRa Alliance

We are proud to join the LoRa Alliance as an adopter! Engineered in 2012, LoRaWAN has changed the Internet of Things landscape. At Vertical M2M we started working with this protocol in 2015, in its early years. For the anecdote, here is an archive document about our LoRaWAN Smart City demo with MultiTech & Sierra Wireless on December 2015 at the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). Having realized a large number of deployments and being involved in LoRaWAN, we join this alliance.

We will be at the next LoRa Alliance All Member Meetings (AMM) in berlin on June 13th. Send us an email to meet !

Maurice Zembra, talks about
"Building more efficient Smart Water solutions with LoRaWAN"
From 2:00 pm 2:45 pm

Water management is a key subject at Vertical M2M with thousands of water CommonSense-ready devices deployed !
For the Utility Use Case Presentation (Business track)

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Since 2015, Vertical M2M has deployed with CommonSense IoT Platform and its partners thousands of LoRa IoT devices with solution providers. Those solutions include smart water like BRL, a major water infrastructure manager in France, networks operators such as Naxoo, the operator of the city of Geneva, smart building with metering or equipment remote management such as escalators with ANEP, smart industry with various types of devices managed for instance cranes pieces with Ascorel or SCADA systems managed devices, city infrastructures including lighting with Menowatt GE or manhole management with the world leader in this field.

Along the way we met a lot of technical partners with whom we deployed the projects, we thank them for that! This led to advance CommonSense IoT Platform and integrate it more and more with our ecosystem. Today, you can deploy any LoRaWAN architecture with CommonSense IoT Platform: 100% private, public network in France with Orange or Objenious and Italy with A2A as well as CLOUD private with 8 LoRaWAN servers supported including A2A, Acklio, Digimondo Firefly, Loriot, Orbiwise, Sagemcom, The Things Network & Industries as well as our own CommonSense LoRa server. This means you can deploy any LoRa project with us and our partners.

The Things Network ParisAnother key output from the projects we did are the rise of the CommonSense-ready devices. Early june 2019, there are about 90 LoRa IoT devices preintegrated into CommonSense. The next use case you might be looking for is inside CommonSense. To view the whole list, visit this link.

The Things Network ParisFinally, our commitment with LoRa led us to take part in the evangelization process of LoRaWAN by leading the The Things Network Paris Community (joint it and leave us an introduction in comment). We organized several meet ups in different thematic: technology, security, smart building with our partners Semtech, MultiTech, Urban Practices or The Things Network Grenoble! Discover on our YouTube channel, the summaries of these events.

June 5, 2019

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