September, 2017

NG-Paas 5G project

Vertical M2M participates in the NGPaaS project led by NOKIA
September 2017

This project is driven by NOKIA and financed in the framework of the 5G-PPP european project which goal is to define a Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture for 5G. The objective is to build a hardware accelerated reference stack for future 5G/NFV networks. 4 key axis have been identified to build such architecture:

  • Define a Telco-grade Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS);

  • Conceive a new Dev-for-Operations model enabling to simultaneously deploy the applications and resources according to the DevOps model;

  • Have available high quality and performance development and operational environments;

  • Build a new OSS/BSS model for provisioning and billing.

Desmonstrators will be made available in order to validate the principles of this 5G architecture, notably including IoT use cases, that will be made available by Vertical M2M CommonSense IoT platorm.

Nokia logoA consortium of 12 companies led by NOKIA take part in the project.

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