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Since 2008, CommonSense IoT platform is the operating system for connected objects emcompassing all necessary bricks to perform an IoT project from end-to-end. The platform takes charge of the technical complexity related to an IoT project for you. As a result, you can fully focus on your application and business.

Rely on a recognized expert for your Internet of Things projects: you can be autonomous with the platform or we can support you with our network of partners on your project.

We are specialized in LPWA networks including LoRa and Sigfox.


Where are you along your IoT journey ?

Whatever may be the stage of your project, your expertise and assets you have, we can work together. The CommonSense telecom software architecture enables to:

Connect heterogeneous objects, through any network. We can also help you source the right device for your applications.

Manage heterogeneous network of objects and create/configure your IoT application with a suite of tools.

A vast amount of needs for data management are answered by our codeless web ennvironment for the design of IoT application interfaces.

Discover CommonSense IoT platform in video: