Machine-to-Machine Applications for smart cities.

Vertical M2M aims at solving some key challenges for today & tomorrow's cities :

We provide to all players involved in Smart Cities' projects (Cities and Public Corporation, IT and energy integrators, energy engineering and consultancy firms, service providers, ...) a set of innovative business applications related to remote asset monitoring and management in order to dramatically improve life conditions in cities with a focus on 3 main vertical markets:

Starting from a building-centric approach, we design and run a complete portfolio of
turnkey cloud-based Applications together with a M2M* service platform called « CommonSense ».
This infrastructure enables new business usages for smart cities.

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Turnkey M2M solutions in order to fulfill your needs

Our application portfolio will steadily cover a wider range of M2M solutions for Smart Cities with a focus on Energy, Environment and Healthcare, and each existing application will be permanently upgraded to offer you more features and improved user experience.

OneSense Energy

Your building efficiency energy measurement and energy remote monitoring solution


Your end-to-end hosted solution for efficient remote monitoring and management of all solar energy systems


Your end-to end hosted solution for efficient remote management of all tanks, reservoirs or silos

Remote Automation APPS

Your turnkey remote automation solution with em4 WEB

MDT Medical Apps

A global architecture for homecare medical applications and chronic disease remote monitoring services

Professionnal Services

Vertical M2M can help you lead a complete survey related to your key assets in order to build or improve your remote asset monitoring solutions

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