Industry 5.0 is reinventing industry… 

and IoT is a decisive part of this new story ! 

IoT brings operational efficiency and innovative solutions to industries : it is all about IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). 

IIoT deals with complex machines and automation systems (such as robots), connected equipment and rugged sensors to efficiently monitor, secure, track and manage in real-time factory assets. 

Industry 5.0 is about digitalizing Industry with a human-centric approach and sustainable approach.

IoT can support this initiative in many different ways : 

    • Solutions to improve Processes :
        • predictive maintenance combiningArtificial Intelligence & IoT 
        • process surveillance 
        • remote asset monitoring 
    • Solutions to lower & optimize costs in factories, industrial workshops or supply rooms :
        • energy management 
        • indoor / outdoor asset tracking 
    • Solutions for industrial buildings :
        • environment monitoring and risk management 
        • security & access control 
    • Solutions for industrial campus management :
        • smartparking 
        • EV charging 
        • outdoor lighting management 
        • people and asset counting and tracking 

Private 5G for Industry, together with LPWAN technologies (LoRAWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M…) or other wired or short-range IoT connectivity technologies can help build all these use cases… 

…and Vertical M2M brings with CommonSense IoT Platform® and CS-Solutions uncompared possibilities to address these needs with a single infrastructure and platform : you can connect your industrial assets and your sensors with connectivity of your choice, manage your equipment and interface your automation & SCADA systems and Information System and deliver such solutions and business applications with a reliable, secured, evolving and cost-effective architecture, as an industrial SaaS model, an On-Premise or even EDGE platform. 

You can now start your journey with IoT and easily test and deploy new solutions within your factory !

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