Turning Territories into Smart territories with IoT 

Municipalities and Territories have so many assets to deal with : parking lots, waste bins and containers, electricity/ gas / water meters, streetlighting, irrigation systems and valves for parks and gardens, billboards,  buildings, buses… IoT can bring a huge value to monitor these assets…

Dealing with your challenges 

Cities are facing many technological issues : 


Increasing population, traffic, aging infrastructures bring the need for municipalities and territories to better manage resources by monitoring and planning activities. How to test, validate and launch efficient solutions ?


With numerous assets and technologies and different needs in terms of required bandwidth, sampling period or even usages (firmware updates, control system…), only a secured interoperable IoT approach can bring the expected value and ROI. How to overcome this hardship ? 


Depending on use cases you need to deploy or deliver to your teams or citizens, you may rely on different public and private networks : LoRAWAN, cellular, Wifi… How to secure your deployments with the right technology for each use case ? 


Concessions and vertical solution providers may vary in time, but all data generated by your assets must remain your own property… anytime… and with the proper data format you need.

How to use such IoT solutions in the long-term ? 

We have good news for you…

There is a solution for all your painpoints : you can use CommonSense IoT Platform to : 

We bring with us our ecosystem 

With 400+ pre-integrated devices, 15 IoT technologies supported and many smartcity solutions ready to use, pouring IoT into your smartcity strategy becomes a child’s play !

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