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We can really make your IoT journey safer and successful.

Learn why. 


Internet of Things is a network of networks of things, relying on numeros IoT technologies and many different types of IoT devices (sensors, actuators, metors, automation systems and PLCs…). Most IoT projects need to combine legacy devices and technologies with emerging ones (such as LPWAN – Low Power Wide Area Networks). 

CommonSense IoT Platform® federates heterogeneity of devices and technologies into a single infrastructure and shift it into an homogeneous IoT solution


Onboarding different types of devices, managing them and securely using IoT data into applications is no longer difficult with CommonSense IoT Platform®

Quick integration of any IoT device is granted thanks to our catalog of CommonSense-ready devices and our scripting engine that makes new device support efficient and almost instantly available.

With CommonSense IoT Platform® , you don’t see anymore your IoT projects as complex projects ! 


IoT solutions need to cope with IoT security. All technical parts of the IoT value chain have to rely on a “Security by design” approch : 

    • IoT device
    • IoT connectivity 
    • IoT device management 
    • IoT application 
    • Business integration 

The overall security of such solutions depend on the weakest part of the value chain. 

Beyonde its built-in security architecture (SSL security, Kubernetes based, IP NAT & filtering, DMZ, etc), CommonSense IoT Platform® brings additional layers to prevent from DDOS attacks, to manage keys and certificates and isolate dataflows and services for each tenant, and can adapt to most security rules embedded in devices (secure elements, encryption, etc) as well as integrate with private connectivity (LoRAWAN or cellular 4G/5G). 


Our software architecture, CommonSense IoT Platform®, and our DNA both rely on industrial architectures, so we continously thrive to build carrier-grade IoT infrastructures that scale and support the growth of your projects. 


Our 15+year experience in delivering IoT solutions gave us the ability to bring specific features and capabilities to address some key aspects of IoT deployments : 

    • How to ease installation and activation of IoT sensors on the field, when facing large numbers of heterogeneous devices ? 
    • How to improve device and fleet management to lower operation costs and increase efficiency with IoT maintenance ? 
We provide concrete solutions to achieve these goals : a provisioning mobile APP with QRcode activation for Android OS (CMAP, CommonSense Mobile Activation Platform) and advanced predictive maintenance tools for device management and park management (CommonSense DMP, Device Management Platform). 

CommonSense IoT Platform® provides all IoT technological building blocks for your projects through its different technology components : 

    • DMP (Device Management Platform) 
    • IoT APP Studio
    • API 
    • CS-Solutions 

and brings key IoT capabilities as follow : 


Easily integrate any of your IoT devices within your business applications ! 

With CommonSense IoT Platform, you can : 

    • Deal with heterogeneity :
        • You instantly have access to 400+ “CommonSense-ready devices”
        • You can quickly onboard any of your IoT devices, thanks to the built-in support of 15+ IoT technologies, a unique metamodel for devices and a powerful and reliable scripting engine to grand perfect integration of all your new IoT objects (PLC, actuators, sensors, meters…)
    • Connect and activate all your IoT devices
        • Through our smartphone activation APP, without any specific expertise on technology or device
        • Through unique and smart autoprovisioning capabilities 
        • Through our multi-connectivity support 
        • Through manual or automated provisioning, one by one or bulk-provisioning, using our DMP portal or only secured APIs


Predictive status of all your devices, even LPWAN devices ! 

With CommonSense IoT Platform® and the DMP module, you can securely manage each IoT device and monitor your park of sensors and assets, with a set of advanced features such as : 

    • Group commands to ease management of your fleet of devices, from few units to millions 
    • Security features 
    • LwM2M on board 
    • Simple and complex Alerts & notifications 
    • Customizable Reports 
    • SIM-management 
    • LNS cockpit (LoRA server) 
    • Statistics on your park 
    • Device status 
    • Metadata from IoT networks… 


So much more than an excellent dataviz platform !

Thanks to CommonSense IoT Platform® and our IoT APP STUDIO module, you can of course quickly build beautiful dashboards and applications that can be displayed on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, using its low-code / nocode capabilities and an ever-growing catalog of widgets… Combined with our DMP module, you can even make smartdataviz solutions including : 

    • KPIs & Analytics 
    • Digital twin 
    • Scenarios & events 
    • API everywhere (applications can be embedded in other applications or can integrate other web-based components/applications) 


Pick and choose your solutions, and decide how you want to use them : 

Any architecture : EDGE, ON-PREM, CLOUD / SaaS, multi-Cloud…

Any external format to integrate with third-party applications

And a portfolio of pre-integrated solutions for ENERGY, TERRITORIES and INDUSTRY 5.0 : 

    • CS-SmartWater
    • CS-AirQuality 
    • CS-SmartBuilding…

How to start ? 

  • Start with an idea 
You have a purpose with IoT but you still wonder how to really benefit from it. Don’t worry, you can quickly make a PoC (Proof of Concept), test and experiment with CommonSense IoT Platform®.
Easy, cost-effective and fast. 
  • Start with a device

You have identified some smart IoT devices that would make sense for your business and you would like to use them ? It’s very easy just check among our extended list of 400+ CommonSense-Ready devices if your device is already integrated with CommonSense IoT Platform®.

If your devices are part of this list, then you can either choose your connectivity offer (private/public) or ask us for it. Then we can immediately activate this type of device in your IoT instance and you will just need to provision these devices on the platform, and they start working at once ! 

You are ready to get into the next step of your project and build your data flows, dashboards, rules and KPIs. 

  • Start with a use case 

Now you have a precise use case in mind to build, and you would like to run it for some of your locations. 

Just ask us to recommend the overall solution you need and bring you – in a record time – the end-to-end solution  you need.

Let's talk now about your projects !

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