IoT brings efficiency and flexibility to energy / water infrastructures and Utilities.

With increasing energy costs, climate issues and water scarcity, utilities are facing new challenges and major transformations with their businesses. This is why Water Utilities & Energy Utilities need to rely on IoT as they have to deliver sustainable cost-effective and reliable distribution services, with 3 key components : 

      • end-customers meters 
      • network management 
      • production management (power and production plants, pumping stations, waste water treatment plants)…

Water networks rely on various hardware components : meters, pumps, valves, pipes, pressure and level sensors made by different manufacturers and using different communication technologies. Water network management is expensive because it requires large deployments of workforces and many material resources, which are often spread over large territories, with limited accessibility, that need to be checked on a regular basis. Supervision is generally made through a combination of heterogeneous tools, such as SCADA systems, not really adapted to multi-site management. How to ease fleet management over these networks to support all key usages (remote meter reading, irrigation, network operations, hydraulic infrastructures monitoring…) ?

On the other hand, Electricity or Gas networks are also composed of various hardware components such as meters, stations, centralized or distributed power plants or production plants, poles, pylons, pipes and cables… Infrastructure maintenance and risk management can be significantly improved by using IoT smart solutions and devices, in combination with existing Information System’ tools

Vertical M2M can support UTILITIES at any stage of their IoT journey, providing both the overall IoT infrastructure with CommonSense IoT Platform, IoT solutions such as CS-SmartWater or Customized IoT applications serving one of the following goals :

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