Choose your deployment

With CommonSense IoT Platform® and CS-Solutions, you always have the choice.


You can simply use IoT as a Service by relying on our Cloud edition of CommonSense IoT Platform®.

We take care of hosting, security, connectivity and hardware resources for you. Just connect your devices and your applications, we manage your infrastructure’s instance with 24*7 supervision and a top-class technical support and helpdesk service.

Our service includes automatic access to all new versions and features, and even all new business solutions available.

It’s the easiest and the safest way to start your IoT project, from PoC (Proof of Concept) to large-scale industrial deployments. Get instantly access to your own Cloud tenant, anytime, from anywhere !


Do you need to deploy your IoT project in your own datacenter or in your preferred Public Cloud infrastructure and are you looking for a dedicated environment ?

We can then deliver your secured KUBERNETES-based solution and you can either rely on us for management and supervision or operate the service by yourself. You will benefit from our ultimate version with its 5G-compliant components .

You can get access to all new releases and our technical support can help you for any technical need, and you can scale from few thousands to millions of devices on a single platform !


Are you looking for an ultra-light IoT Platform and configuration that could be installed on a NUC (Next Unit of Computing), an Edge gateway, a Router or any Server ?

Then you can choose our DOCKER version which will easily install and maintain on any of these hardware resources, and run your IoT project up to few thousand devices


Good news, you can change your mind, so you can also switch from our SaaS offer to an On-Prem or EDGE version. We offer a proven and efficient migration plan to smoothly change your architecture with a complete continuity of service.

Let's talk now about your projects !

Tell us what are your pains with IoT, we will schedule a meeting with you to help you solve these issues and successfully carry out your projects