Sustainable energy savings with IoT

Make the most out of your Buildings:  bring value to your real estate assets, set-up your Energy Efficiency strategy and turn your buildings into connected buidlings

CS SmartBuilding, a CommonSense IoT Platform® solution

Relying on CommonSense IoT Platform®, CS-SmartBuilding 

consists in a complete portfolio of IoT applications for

 Energy and Environmental management in Buildings… 


Buildings (property & facility managers, corporates) 


Business challenges & needs

Businesses and Cities must cope with energy transition, energy cost monitoring and sustainability challenges.  

How to control energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas effects and improve overall energy efficiency ? 

IoT is particularly adapted to bring valuable real-time data and knowledge about energy consumption, build AI models and bring regulatory and relevant measurement for energy use cases such as AMR (automated meter reading). 

But it is not enough to drive a successful energy management approach.

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Greenhouse gas emissions minimum target for Buildings in EU by 2030
0 %
of Energy Consumption in EU comes from our Buildings
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of Buildings in EU are existing Buildings, not new constructions !

Our solution 

CS-SmartBuilding is a complete suite of solutions covering Energy Management for Buildings, from monitoring consumption from all fluids in each Building (electricity, gas, water, heat) to virtual BMS  with smart control over active elements (boilers, air conditiong systems, air treatment stations, electrovalves, thermostatic heads, …).

The 5 complementary modules for CS-SmartBuildings are :

  1. Simple meter reading with no additional installation, based on integration with existing energy suppliers whenever possible
  2. IoT remote reading for metering and sub-metering with reference period to set-up energy action plans
  3. Renewable energy production monitoring for rooftop photovoltaic installations
  4. Environmental sensing in Buildings (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc) and integration within energy efficiency plan
  5. Virtual BMS systems through control and commands over active elements 

With a wide-range of pre-integrated sensors, meters, actuators and connected systems, as well as connectivity solutions (private LoRA network / public networks / PAN technologies), advanced energy features and both energy management portal and customer applications,  we can deliver an end-to-end solution that will help you build, step-by-step, your Energy Strategy.

Quick savings, great ROI ! 

Start using our cost-effective powerful tool and generate immediate savings with your Energy Bills. 

Your Energy Dashboard 

One solution for all your sites and buildings to monitor your consumption your actions and your goals. 

Towards sustainability

Achieve sustainability performance goals and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Key benefits 

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