Smart water solutions for utilities, territories & bildings

What if we could spare water, provide solutions against water stress and improve water consumption management on networks and drinking water quality control ? 

CS-SmartWater, a CommonSense IoT Platform® Solution 

Relying on CommonSense IoT Platform®, CS-SmartWater consists in a complete portfolio of IoT applications for water management.

Solutions for Water Utilities and Territories : 

  • AMR service supporting any residential, industrial or agricultural water meters.
  • Cathodic protection for network pipes (water leak detection) 
  • Lift pumps monitoring 
  • Smart Irrigation 
  • Tank Monitoring 

Solutions for Buildings : 

        • Water leak detection
        • Automatic Meter Reading for Water metering
        • Electrovalve control & scheduling 

Target Markets 




Business challenges & needs

Water networks rely on various hardware components : meters, pumps, valves, pipes, pressure and level sensors made by different manufacturers and using different communication technologies. 

Water network management is expensive because it requires large deployments of workforces and many material resources, which are often spread over large territories, with limited accessibility, that need to be checked on a regular basis.

 Supervision is generally made through a combination of heterogeneous tools, such as SCADA systems, not really adapted to multi-site management. 

How to ease fleet management over these networks to support all key usages (remote meter reading, irrigation, network operations, hydraulic infrastructures’ monitoring…) ? 

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Average Water Losses in Networks
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of world water consumption is in agriculture (UNEP)
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Yearly Revenue Losses generated by Water Leaks in Properties (American Insurance Association)


Our offer CommonSense IoT Platform® includes business applications specifically built for the smart water market with a centralized management of all your connected assets , in real-time, through fully customizable web portals.

Regardless of the heterogeneity of IoT technologies or equipment you use, you will be  able to smoothly connect your data with your existing management tools : G.I.S, billing system, intervention planning, CRM, supervision… 

CommonSense IoT Platform® is a complete Solution which provides a powerful and evolving architecture. Deployment process is easy and fast. You can create complete applications without coding and manage your date in real-time, with REST APIs. 

100% made and operated in Europe, this unique offer fully complies with GDPR, and grants your digital and data sovereignties with both Saas and On-Premise delivery models. With over 25+ pre-integrated water meters, 25+ water-related sensors (pressure, cathodic protection pulse sensors, etc) and a global catalog over 400+ CommonSense-ready devices relying on 15+ IoT technologies (including all popular LPWAN technologies such as LoRAWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox and many more), your service is built upon our secured reliable and expert device management and park management platform (DMP module) to keep value for your assets. 


All your IoT SmartWater use cases in one single application platform. 

Data privacy and sovereignty

Our 100% made in Europe technology fully comply with GDPR and our solution can be delivered either as SaaS, On-Premise or EDGE services. 

100% Open IoT & Data Platform

You have a full control over your data, processing, applications and IoT devices and you can interface your SmartWater platform with any third-party Cloud Platform, including datalakes / big data infrastructures, AO frameworks, or other business applications for the water market. 

Key benefits

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