IoT Professional services

Whether you would like to : 

  • understand which technology fits best your use cases
  • source devices for your IoT project
  • build your end-to-end IoT solution 
  • design your IoT application. 

You can rely on our team of true IoT experts, with over 15 years experience in IoT technologies & business solutions. 

Let’s explore how we can support you in your projects with our range of services on top of CommonSense IoT Platform® architecture, increasing the overall value of your project…


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Rely on IoT industry leading experts

We share with you our recognized tech expertise, our unique 15-year experience in IoT and our knowledge of key use cases for your markets :

What we do

Our services

IoT Trainings

We can deliver IoT training sessions exploring all major technologies in IoT (Cellular including 5G - LPWAN LoRAWAN / NB-IoT / LTE-M / satellite / Sigfox-Unabiz - radio PAN : 802.15.4 / Zigbee / BLE / Wifi / Enocean / NFC & RFID / W-MBUS - wired technologies : MODBUS, MBUS,...) & markets with concrete examples and end-to-end architectures.

Device sourcing

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the makers' ecosystem, we can assist you in selecting the right IoT devices for your use cases, test and qualify them

End-to-end architecture

We can help you validate your end-to-end IoT architecture with the best devices, technologies, delivery mode and provide you with the sandbox or PoC environment before industrializing the overall solution...

Application Development & Design

Relying on our 200+ use cases rolled-out for customers in different markets and our IoT APP STUDIO module, we can design and deliver turnkey IoT business applications according to your specifications, in a very fast and cost-effective way thanks to CommonSense IoT Platform !

How we do it

We bring with us a global ecosystem

Thanks to our 15-year extensive experience in IoT projects, our best-of-breed IoT Platform and our wide IoT ecosystem,  we can solve all key painpoints in your IoT project, provide a complete approach for P.O.C (Proof Of Concept) before full Industrialization and secure  your IoT journey. 

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Let's talk now about your projects !

Tell us what are your pains with IoT, we will schedule a meeting with you to help you solve these issues and successfully carry out your projects