What is LPWAN ?

LPWAN stands for Low Power Wide Area Networks. LPWAN networks were designed for IoT devices and aim at connecting large numbers of wireless objects (on ISM or licensed frequency bands) with long-lasting batteries on long range connectivity (up to several kilometers between a device and the nearest network antenna). 

LPWAN networks generally rely on key principles such as :

  • Limited message throughputs to lower energy consumption on devices
  • Data messages only (except with LTE-M) 
  • Lighter architecture than traditional telecom networks

Most popular LPWAN technologies today are SIGFOX, LoRAWAN, NB-IoT and LTE-M… and they are all supported by Vertical M2M.

Why LPWAN & 5G are key technologies for IoT use cases ?

LPWAN technologies offer the ability to easily deploy, at a fraction of cost, massive number of autonomous sensors and IoT devices serving an impressive range of applications and use cases for many markets, including : Utilities, Buildings, Territories, Industry, Agriculture, Security or Asset Tracking. 

On the other hand, 5G networks already enable today broadband radio technologies with nationwide coverage, and will also bring low latency and low power capabilities. They are fully complementary to LPWAN technologies and allow to deliver mission-critical or demanding IoT applications. 

Combining benefits from LPWAN and 5G networks creates a huge opportunity for efficient professional IoT use cases and dramatically improve value of assets and solutions. 

Good news: Vertical M2M has a unique experience with IoT, LPWAN & 5G technologies ! 

You can rely on us and we tell you why :

  • 8+ year-experience with Sigfox. Tens of Sigfox projects carried out in 10+ countries (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Senegal, …)
  • 7+ year-experience with LoRAWAN. Involved in the very first LoRAWAN projects rolled out in France, and promoter since 2015 of the technology, LoRAWAN alliance member from 2019, tens of LoRAWAN projects deployed in 15+ countries (private and public networks)
  • 4+ year experience with NB-IoT & LTE-M. First NB-IoT PoCs and projects in France since 2019 with SFR (2nd largest mobile operator in France), thousands of NB-IoT devices deployed and managed with both private and public APNs.
  • 3+ year experience with LPWAN satellite IoT. Very first pilot solutions with ASTROCAST, KINEIS partner since 2021. 
  • 6+ year experience with 5G technologies. From R&D European projects starting in 2017 (NGPaaS, SCORPION…) to 5G showrooms or operational 5G-enabled solutions for Industry, we have been designing our IoT technology and solutions to fully comply with technical requirements of 5G standards and relative technologies from 3GPP, GSMA and OMA.

Last but not least, Our DNA means an agnostic approach about technologies. We support all technologies needed for your use cases but we are not dependent from any of these technologies: we only make application-driven recommendations based on your project or your use case, this is what makes our support even more valuable.

Any LoRAWAN architecture 

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge and experience with LoRAWAN, any LoRAWAN architecture can be provisioned, managed and deployed using CommonSense IoT Platform® and our CS-Solutions.

Whether you need to deploy a private network (from a single gateway to thousands) or use a public network (or several public networks), whether you want to rely on LNS-providers from the market or use our integrated LNS architecture, as a CLOUD-based, ON-PREMISE or EDGE platform, you can definitely rely on our IoT technology with uncompared features such as predictive status of all your IoT devices, one-stop provisioning for all your LoRAWAN networks and architectures, and hundreds of pre-integrated devices from LoRAWAN ecosystem.

NB-IoT at your taste !

When deploying your use case with NB-IoT technologies, using CommonSense IoT Platform® or CS-Solutions significantly eases your project : you can choose private APN or public connections and connect any NB-IoT, whatever the IP communication layer supported : UDP, TCP, FTP, HTTP, MQTT, COAP or LwM2M…

Your NB-IoT solution is therefore fully customizable and can be painlessly integrated !

Let's talk now about your projects !

Tell us what are your pains with IoT, we will schedule a meeting with you to help you solve these issues and successfully carry out your projects