How to monitor and improve indoor (and outdoor) Air Quality ?

Indoor Air quality must be taken into account after COVID-19, as most people spend up to 90% of their lifetime in Buildings !  Monitoring Air Quality is a matter of Health as well as a hot topic with Regulatory challenges.  Our IoT solution can help reach this target !

CS-AirQuality, a CommonSense IoT Platform® solution

Relying on CommonSense IoT Platform®,  CS-AirQuality 

consists in a complete application for Indoor 

Air Quality monitoring 

Target Markets



Business challenges & needs 

Air quality monitoring has become a mandatory service in shops, offices, factories, schools and  all public buildings.  

Gas like CO2/COV or fine particles must be measured or detected to prevent sanitary risks.  

Buildings and Cities must comply with key standardized indicators such as ICONE index (for schools), AEROSCORE or ATMO index, take actions to improve air quality and alert whenever specific thresholds are overcome.


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of our life is spent in close places and buildings
Deaths in EU due to fine particle pollution (2020)
Estimated cost of air pollution in EU large cities (2020)

Our solution 

With a range of sensors adapted to the specific needs of each type of building (with or without display or LED, with or without particular gas measurements, with the relevant technology depending on the geographical area…) and the corresponding customized IoT dashboards and analytics in your application, you can easily manage from one to hundreds of buildings, compare and track air quality indexes with CS-AIRQUALITY

Customized application for each need

Residential users, schools, businesses or industrial site have different needs, there are specific dashboards available for each market !

Instant visualization

From your smartphone, your tablet or any PC/ laptop, you can immediately monitor air quality for all your sites and rooms and receive alerts whenever needed. 

Key Performance Indicators 

You can follow standardized air quality indicators, or set your own KPIs, and identify trends in all your buildings. 

Key benefits

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