From metering to Smart Building for better facility and energy management

High consumption and service: building management needs to be reinvented

In France and industrialized countries, buildings and related energy consumption represents around 40% of national energy consumption. Facility management operations before IoT was costly and complex especially with closed and expensive Building Management Systems (BMS).

Solutions for smart building

CommonSense IoT Platform brings a versatile and modular approach to facility and energy management for buildings. By supporting heterogeneous IoT devices, protocols and telecom architectures, CommonSense IoT Platform enables the deployment of non intrusive multi-sites remote monitoring and management network of smart devices for any typology of buildings including residential, tertiary or commercial ones. Underground areas can also be connected using telecom signal repeaters so you can monitor equipement located under the ground such as boilers for instance.

Smart connected products

Water, electricity and gas metering and submetering IoT solution for energy efficiency.

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Indoor condition monitoring

Access control & people flow

Efficient people flow in buildings is crucial especially for commercial premises and includes access control, room occupancy and flow monitoring. Legacy wired escalators management systems for instance are complex to install. IoT with CommonSense IoT Platform brings non intrusive wireless solutions to people flow monitoring including escalators or moving walkways management improving maintenance reactivity and therefore uptime of the assets.

Indoor condition monitoring

Indoor condition monitoring

Whether you want to monitor air quality, room occupancy, HVAC systems or hot water networks to prevent legionnaire disease, IoT network sensors with CommonSense IoT Platform brings non intrusive, effective and versatile solutions.

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring

Structures such as buildings evolve through time making it necessary to monitor them to identify any faults (cracks, displacement…) that may cause major resistance related issues. IoT brings remote networks of sensors enabling to get alerted about any changes on building structure solidity for better maintenance.

Building security


IoT brings costs effective solutions for security including access control, intrusion or fire alerts. Keepthe occupants sage and comply with regulations.

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