Escalators and moving walkways remote management

From now on site managers benefit from a cost effective IoT solution powered by the Internet of Things, LoRaWAN and CommonSense IoT platform to remotely monitor and control fleets of escalators annd moving walkways in a Smart Building logic.

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Cost effective

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About the partner

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ANEP is a French SME founded in 1979, specialized since its creation in the bidrectionnal communication: remote alarma and surveillance. We work in several sectors with a key focus on the elevator market where ANEP is market leader in France and Benelux and one of the leaders in Europe. 3 of the 4 main elevator manufacturers in the world rely on us in Europe as well the majority of the French SMEs and many foreign SMEs.

Our ANEP BOX product range - remote alarm, speech synthesis and remote surveillance is compliant with the main transmission modes: RTC, 2G, 3G, 4G, VoIP, ANEP also works to democratize the Internet of Things to the elevator, escalator and garage door markets. Since 2015, ANEP also specializes itself in the field of accessibility (operating panels, floor displays).

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Key issues of the field

Faced with the announced shutdown of legacy telephone lines, ANEP has adapted its offer to the market by proposing a performant and cost effective alternative.

The majority of escalators do not have any remote monitoring and control system, thus failures cannot be quickly identified for instance. Current remote surveillance systems have different problems:

    Communication through costly PSTN phone lines

    High energy consumption ;

    Complex to install due to the need to deploy dedicated phone

Provided solution

The E-BOX is an end-to-end system dedicatetd to remote surveillance of escalators and moving walkways. It is composed of the escalators control box, communicating through LoRa then IP, the CommonSense IoT platform dedicated to managing E-BOX fleets and finally of the ANEP Anywhere statistics portal retrieving data from CommonSense. The solution requires a LoRa network.

Remote management of escalators and moving walkways

Diagram of the end to end solution

Key elements of the solution

  • Complete monitoring and control of escalators

  • Configuration of management functions including the 17 types of alarms, maintenance, runnig modes or timeout

Key benefits of the solution

The ANEP E-BOX system enables an integral remote management of escalators with the LoRa protocol bringing the many benefits:

    Reduction of the global cost of management both in investment and operation
    Easy installation (no cables)
    Compliant with the norms:
    - Machine directive 2006/42/CE,
    - RED 2014/53/UE directive ,
    - Machines 2006/42/CE directive,
    - LoRaWAN 1.0 certifcation Secure: LoRa end-to-end encryption
    Smart Building approach: mutualisation of the LoRa network
    E-BOX uses a LoRa network, possibly a private one that can be also used to deploy other Smart Building IoT solutions.

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