Connect heterogeneous networks of things to the CLOUD with CommonSense IoT platform

& compliant

Heterogeneous network of things

Don't limit yourself to the Intranet of Things. Access the key value of Internet of Things with CommonSense: interroperability

Today, the Internet of Things looks more of an Intranet of Things: hardware manufacturers and consortium keep you in their ecosystem with closed solutions. In that environment, it is difficcult to truly connect all of your things with the right technologies and to make your systems evolve.

Parcourez nos histoires avec LoRa et Sigfox.

With CommonSense IoT platform, get access to the Internet of Things.

LUA scripting

Integrate yourself any IoT device from supported protocols with CommonSense IoT Platform's modeling tool

Integrate all device capabilities including uplink, downlinks, meta-datas and payload translation with LUA scripting and perform data preprocessing.

Lua scripting With LUA live scripting

As telecom experts, we help you deploy your IoT network and choose the right equipment for your solutions.

More than 230 IoT equipment are already integrated into CommonSense IoT Platform®.

Our partners can easily add a category of device to CommonSense, and if they want, make it available to all CommonSense users of all networks. With CommonSense, increase project and business opportunities!

Use heterogeneous protocols, all connected to a single open IoT platform

The best alternative for long distance communication in IoT

long range

Wide Area

Up to 15 kilometers outside
1 km in dense areas like cities

low power

Low Power

Up to 10 years of autonomy per equipment



Monitor and control/automate your equipments

For focal points and isolted locations


For low power usages


For common IoT/M2M applications usages in isolated locations
*See roadmap of mobile operators for service availability


For application requiring high bandwidth such as videosurveillance

Suitable for local/residential applications: Smart Energy, Home Automation...

Main protocols are:

  • Zigbee 6lowPan… (IEEE 802.15.4 based)
  • Z-Wave (IEEE 802.11-based)
  • Wi-fi (802.11-based)
  • Wi-Sun
  • Wireless M-BUS


low power


Mesh network

Mesh network : every node communicates and route messages

Your tools for building interactive and dynamic services:
tracking, interaction, geofencing, authentification…

Logistics M2M IoT

Logistics and transport

Access control and authentification

Security and access control

operations traçabilité

Infrastructure and site operations (operation, traçability...)

retail beacon

Retail and advertising

Traditional wired technologies for industry/building (BEMS)


Fits industrial applications, small and medium data size (<= 255 octects)
Physical inteface: RS232 C, 20mA (TTY), RS422 / 485.

M-BUS logo

Specially suitable for Smart-Metering (Gas, water, electricity)


Access or network technology in shared environment

We support:

Ethernet logo

Local short area connectivity.
Suitable for handling large volume of data in real time.


Optic fiber
For broadband.
Secure through redundancy.


Access technology, low cost on traditional network

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