May, 2014

em4 WEB for Remote Automation Applications

Launch of em4 WEB for Remote Automation Applications

Vertical M2M has just launched its brand new offer em4 WEB for Remote Automation Applications.

In partnership with Crouzet Automation, a leader in PLCs, we can now provide the very first turnkey remote automation application framework.

As presented by Sebastien De Peretii, Crouzet Automation's General Manager:

« Our customers are looking for simple solutions to remotely manage their fleet of machines or equipment, without always having the capacity to develop and maintain the infrastructure needed.

The partnership with VerticalM2M enables Crouzet Automation to offer a fully secured pre-configured platform, em4 web, which provides the information on-demand in order to very simply administrate, monitor and control their fleet of machines.

With VerticalM2M, we help our customers' applications to enter into the Internet of Things world. »

Discover our new em4 WEB offer