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Stay open and evolutive: get access to the Intranet Internet of Things.

In a fragmented non interoperable IoT world (Intranet of Things), no one is able to forecast which protocol is going to endure and thrive. The probability is that several of them will. Moreover, your partners and clients use heterogeneous equipment and want to manage them all without using separated tools.

The solution: run a maximum of protocols. This is one of the missions of CommonSense IoT platform®: unify the management of heterogeneous network of things no matter their manufacturer or release including several LPWA protocols and architectures.

Integrate yourself any equipment or rely on the CommonSense-ready devices (pre-integrated devices) and manage your IoT networks.

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Abstraction and modular tools to better meet needs in any industrial field

CommonSense IoT Plaform® three layer model is designed to keep you agile. If you want to make evolve one element they others don't change which enables to be faster, evolutive and keep costs under control.

  1. The network maanagement tools offer you the flexibility needed to manage both existing and new networks and devices . Deal with them similarly: for instance, you translate the payload of any device in a single place no matter the network; Learn more about it.

  2. The device management tools enables you to also deal similarly with heterogeneous devices and versions: calibrate, process data, control and automate all your devices the same way. For advanced usages, you can develop LUA scripting to extend further your solutions. Learn more about it.

  3. The application interface design module, the IoT App Studio, lets your create interfaces relying on the devices management tools. Learn more about it.

  4. Finally, owing to our operational experience in IoT since 2008, we developed business features and applications for several domains such as energy, building, industries, agriculture and cities. Learn more about it.

Rely on a recognized IoT company delivering end-to-end support: you are in good hands.

An operational experience of the IoT since 2008 and we look forward as an awarded company

We continuously look for innovating and delivering the right technologies and solutions to solve your problems. As telecom software experts, we support you from end-to-end covering the whole data value chain from embedded systems up to the APIs.

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